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About Me

Born and raised in Munich, Germany, I am no stranger to change. My parents  went back to studying wanting to redirect their careers when I was 9 years  old. Learning for exams side-by-side with my parents was a fun  experience, which taught me that you are never too old to learn new  things and change.   Berry, my dear childhood companion was hilarious, playful and one of  the greatest listeners. Our cherished dog had a huge heart, a fluffy  wagging tail and his own mindset at times. I consider myself blessed  to have him accompany me for 15 precious years.   Years later, I was contemplating a big shift in my life and there I was  one day drinking a cup of tea, I read on the tea bag label: “We can always  begin again”. which was the last little piece I needed at that time to empower  me to actually take this scary, big leap to redirect my career and eventually my life. I kept this  little piece of wisdom as a reminder of this universal truth.   Every moment, every in-breath can be - and actually is a new beginning.  The Inukshuk symbol represents my bond with Canada. The “First Nations” used this visual  landmark to help them navigate through the Arctic region.   To me the Inukshuk represents a symbol that helps us not only to navigate in our outward  journey but also in our inward journey to ourselves and our inner landscape. In this way it  shows me and my clients the way home.   By the way, I also very much enjoy being immersed in nature, goofing around with my partner  and daughter and reading inspiring literature. 
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