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Gelassenheit - Bewusstsein - Lebensqualität
What is mindfulness? Mindfulness arises out of being in the present moment with an open, curious and non-judgemental awareness. It is a deep inner resource that is available and patiently waiting to be discovered and used in terms of learning and growing. Mindfulness Training Training in mindfulness empowers us to move from “autopilot” reactions to a conscious response in our every day life’s; not just happening accidentally or in some special moments. With mindfulness you live your life more fully, being in touch with your inner essence and your experience in this moment.

Advantages of a Regular Mindfulness Practice

Neuroplasticity proves that, in deed, "an old dog can learn new tricks". There have been several representative studies that show that we can actively and sustainably influence and change our brain patterns through mindfuless meditation in the course of only 8 weeks (see MBSR). Practicing on a regular basis has positive effects on our health and tolerance to stress, such as: Reducing anxiety, depression, burn-out and irritability Increasing memory performance and improving response times Enhancing mental and physical endurance Strengthening emotional resilience, i.e. the ability to cope with setbacks of life Increasing empathy and emotional intelligence which lead to enhanced social skills Strengthening the immune system which prevents colds, flu-like infections and other diseases Decreasing indicators of chronic stress (e.g. high blood pressure, insomnia) Reducing symptoms of severe diseases (e.g. cancer, chronic pain) Supportive treatment of drug / alcohol and smoking addiction
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