According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), stress is one of the major concerns to our health in the 21st century. Several studies on mindfulness trainings (such as MBSR) has been shown to decrease stress, increase overall well-being and vitality. 
To Do’s for today: 1. “Exhale” - 2. “Inhale” - 3. “Exhale” - Ahhh!  Programs are available in English & German
We, as human beings actually ARE wired for mindfulness. The capacity to be mindful is an intrinsic part of our being which can be developed by training the mind, similar to training a muscle. It has shown to reduce stress and increase the tolerance for stress (i.e. resilience) in individuals. “Wired-for-Mindfulness” supports you to get in touch with this quality of yours and offers you guidance and methods to explore and train this mindfulness “muscle” according to your needs and circumstances: MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction) courses One-on-one facilitations and coachings Presentations, lectures, workshops and trainings
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