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Career & Development

My vita starts out in Germany, where I graduated in International  Management with an MBA. I decided to relocate to Canada and worked first as a Business Development Manager and then as a Product Manager for several  years. At that time having had established a mindfulness practice for a while to cope  with my own stress level - I wanted get a deeper understanding on the  workings of the human mind and decided to make a lasting change in my life  and maybe contribute to change well-established business practices. We decided to move to Germany and I redirected my life and career to  become a certified MBSR-teacher at the Institute for Mindfulness-Based  Approaches (IAS) as well as studying psychology. Furthermore, I participated  in trainings on co-creative process inquiry which is an ethically oriented and  sustainable way of cultural and social renewal developed by Dr. Terhi Takanen  - which uses mindfulness skills in change management within organisations  involving all participants/employees as co-creators. Working as a MBSR-teacher and therapist specialising in mindfulness &  compassionate based approaches, as well as neuroscience I met many  individuals with diverse psychological and health challenges. I supported and  guided them on their remarkable and at times painful period of life transitions  - their own journey towards healing. In addition, I was teaching mindfulness skills in presentations, workshops and  trainings for business and health professionals in an effort to facilitate and co- create change in their personal lives as well as their work environments.  After relocating back to Canada, finally my long-held wish to become a  mother came true. This has been a major life changer and offered me many  lessons to unpack, learn and go through. A time I felt privileged to experience  in all its joy, beauty and magic - and a time of great suffering, healing and  transformation.  As I have been gradually transitioning through this part of my personal life my  professional life will be following suit propelling me into shifting my focus on  supporting and empowering women in general and (soon-to-be) mothers in  their respective journeys.
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Sabrina Blau Qualifications: MBA, International Management Certified MBSR teacher Licenced to work psychotherapeutically in Germany (“Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie “) Trainings: Attended trainings in, e.g. non-violent communication, somatic experiencing, yoga, CCPI (Co-Creative Process Inquiry), neuroscience, compassion, meditation retreat Life stages: Consultant, MBSR teacher and mindfulness trainner  2 1/2 years of psychological and psychotherapeutic training 1 1/2 -year teacher training program in MBSR at the I.A.S. (Institute for Mindfulness-based Approaches) Product Manager in Toronto, Canada Business Development Manager in Toronto, Canada Studies "International management" in Germany, France and Canada Co-founder of Hofer Consulting Group (HCG)