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Career & Development

I studied International Management, living, working and studying in  Germany, France and Canada. With my MBA in the bag, I left to build a life  from scratch in Toronto, starting out at the German Canadian Chamber of  Industry and Commerce as a Business Development Manager and worked for  several years at Miele Canada as a Product Manager. Leading presentations and trainings in a fun, interactive and informative way  became my signature, bringing a breath of fresh air into the corporate world.  My curiosity about science and our human condition lead me deeper into  learning and experiencing more and more about myself, meditation,  mindfulness, psychology and neuroscience which eventually evolved into a  new professional development, as a Mindfulness trainer & facilitator.   Combining my understanding of business, people’s and mindfulness skills  together support me to facilitate and co-create ways for individuals and  businesses alike out of a crisis and growing into thriving.  I support individuals in crises; be it personally, professionally, emotionally or  spiritually.  Experiencing the corporate world from the inside out, including restructuring  processes, overwhelmed managers and executives - my special interest has  been to introduce both mindfulness and kindfulness into business cultures.  The best business card for a healthy company are their healthy employees -  smiling from the heart at each other, their business contacts and their clients  alike not avoiding difficult conversations but openly co-creating new ways of  business conduct. Since, I have lead workshops and trainings on mindfulness, resilience &  stress prevention, as well as worked with clients in indivdual settings.
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Stress Prevention, Mindfulness & Resilience
Sabrina Blau Certifiactes & Qualifications: MBA, International Management Certified MBSR teacher Licenced to work psychotherapeutically in Germany (“Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie “) Attended trainings in, e.g. non-violent communication, somatic experiencing, yoga, CCPI (Co-Creative Process Inquiry), neuroscience, compassion, meditation retreats Life stages: Consultant, MBSR teacher and mindfulness trainner  2 1/2 years of psychological and psychotherapeutic training 1 1/2 -year teacher training program in MBSR at the I.A.S. (Institute for Mindfulness-based Approaches) Product Manager in Toronto, Canada Business Development Manager in Toronto, Canada Studies "International management" in Germany, France and Canada Co-founder of Hofer Consulting Group (HCG)