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Mindfulness in Business In-house mindfulness trainings Individual MBSR and mindfulness coaching for managers Resilience and competence training for managers Mindful Retreat@work Mindful Break Mindfulness@work Seminars, workshops & presentations
Presentations & Workshops, such as:   “Mindfulness@work”: How to implement and incorporate mindfulness into the work day “Mindful Leadership”: Enhancing health, well-being and efficiency “Solid as a rock”: Increasing resilience and preventing stress Please feel free to contact me for further mindfulness based trainings tailored to the specific needs of your company, be it courses, trainings or workshops. My trainings are based on the MBSR-programme that has been developed by Prof. Jon Kabat-Zinn. As well as the latest research from neuroscience, neuropsychology and resilience.

Presentations & Workshops

Over 1 in 4 workers report being highly stressed in Canada. 6 in 10 of highly stressed workers identify work as the main source of stress. (2010, Statistics Canada) Choose from a variety of options to bring mindfulness into your everyday work life:
Inhouse MBSR-Trainings The classic 8-week MBSR training course offered exclusively for your employees at the company premises.  Individual MBSR Coaching for Managers and Executives Individual coaching sessions are available, also via Skype. The MBSR programme is tailored to the needs and time commitments of the executive. Resilience and Competence Training for Managers & Executives For more information, please contact me.
Mindful Break: 45 minute sessions with guided mindfulness exercises. Regenerating and refreshing. Mindful Retreat@work A Day of mindfulness in the company. A retreat for employees and executives alike.
Advantages of Mindfulness for Businesses - higher motivation in employees  - increased ability to relax - decrease in absenteeism - burn out prevention - stronger self-awareness - lower susceptibility to stress  - better focus & higher concentration
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