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Gelassenheit - Bewusstsein - Lebensqualität
Trainings My trainings include mindfulness & MBSR in various formats: In-house MBSR and mindfulness trainings Individual mindfulness coaching for managers Resilience and competence training for managers Mindfulness Retreat @work Mindful lunch break Mindfulness @work Seminars & workshops Presentations
MBSR has been shown to promote health, reduce stress and increase overall well-being.
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Compassion, Mindfulness & Resilience
Guided instruction in mindfulness practices Gentle stretching and mindful yoga Group dialogue & mindful communication Individually tailored instructions Integrating mindfulness in everyday life Findings of modern stress research

8-Week MBSR Training

In the MBSR course, participants learn effective practices that are suitable for everyday life, to find a better way to deal with tension, stress, pain and conflicts. The basis for the MBSR programme is a systematic training of the mind in mindfulness. Mindfulness is an inner attitude, through which we consciously and openly face our bodily sensations, thoughts, emotions and behaviour patterns – just the way they are, right here, right now.  As a result, we feel more awake, more present, and calmer, even in difficult life situations – our quality of life improves.  
8-Week Programme One-on-one interview 8 weekly classes (each  about 2 ½ hours) One Day of Mindfulness (ca. 6 hours) Course workbook & guided mindfulness practice CDs to integrate mindfulness in everyday life Daily home assignments Final interview For further information, please feel free to contact me.