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Herzlich Willkommen im Achtsamkeitscenter
Gelassenheit - Bewusstsein - Lebensqualität
Further Options My trainings include mindfulness in various formats: MBSR and mindfulness trainings Individual MBSR coaching for managers Resilience and competence training Mindfulness Retreat @work Mindful Break Mindfulness@work Workshops & Presentations
Welcome to Wired-for-Mindfulness
Stress Prevention, Mindfulness & Resilience
Mindfulness and compassion are the building blocks for the individualised coaching and facilitation you will receive. Be it for your professional or personal life, I am on your side, facilitating and co-creating ways to empower yourself. I support you to effectively: cope with stressful situations and conflicts activate your strengths and resources tap into your self-efficacy getting in touch with your own inner guiding system strengthen your resilience realise your personal and professional goals enhance your quality of life create work-life balance manage changes in your life, re-orienting and empowering yourself look at opportunities in your professional life gain clarity for upcoming decisions let go of old stuff and habits that are hindering you to live life fully Call for a free 15 minutes consultation to describe your request and needs. Please feel free to contact me to schedule an appointment.

Coaching, Consulting & Facilitation

Choose professional life  coaching to enhance your  quality of life or to  regain your vision  for life. Coaching